Integrated Projects

Many communities across Australasia face complex challenges which threaten their continued viability. To achieve a sustainable future, multiple, strong but integrated measures must be adopted simultaneously.

INLOC specialises in integrated community sustainability projects. We design and implementation customised ‘framework’ projects, adapted to the unique local circumstances. Project design requirements are determined through an INLOC community engagement strategy. We then deliver a critical core of on-ground skills, infrastructure, and governance capacity, usually centred on ranger, gamekeeper or eco-guide training.

This provides a frame for integration of other programs, such as economic, social, health and environmental sustainability initiatives; governance and leadership; and natural disaster response. The additional strength realised by integrating core training with additional programs can be seen in our current Treaty Village Resilience Project work for RRRC and Ausaid.

The principal aims include creating economic opportunity, sustaining food resources, and improving health services. This will be achieved by creating a community ranger program, providing the skills and infrastructure for safe and reliable water transport, secure work areas in decentralised locations, and reliable electronic communications. The prospect of having these capabilities embedded in remote South Fly communities is already attracting other organisations to join the project, including aid agencies, health bodies, research institutions and potentially tourism enterprises.

All are coordinated and controlled through INLOC to ensure that the client’s desired outcomes continue to be enhanced. The bottom line: local communities gain immense benefit, and become stakeholders in ensuring that stable, safe and progressive environments are maintained; client aims are achieved, while costs are reduced.

INLOC are expert and well experienced in on-ground project implementation and management, whether it is training, community development or workforce development projects, such as the following recent programs:

  • the Australian Government’s AusAID Resilience Building Program in Western Province, PNG.
  • Western Cape College Ranger Cadet Program.
  • The trail Community Ranger Program in the Treaty Villages of PNG Torres Strait for RRRC.

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