Wash Projects

Lessons from the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector indicate that improving access to infrastructure alone will not solve the problems faced by communities lacking access to appropriate facilities and services. The adoption of improved behaviours by individuals, communities and enablers is critical to providing WASH outcomes that have positive and sustainable impacts. Education and awareness programs are one strategy for changing behaviours, butmay not be sufficient to motivate changed behaviours. INLOC can train local WaSH program staff, and the community in general, in other strategies for changingrelevant behaviours that can be integrated into WASH programs.

INLOC customises a community WaSH strategy for individual sites to best suit the demography, geology, hydrology and socio-economic situation of that community.

In disaster response situations, INLOC has the personnel, skills and experience to implement emergency planning to rapidly re-establish a satisfactory WaSH environment to mitigate the inevitable impact of disease.

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