Beach cleanup @ Fitzroy Island and Cairns

Given the expansive region within which our COTS vessels travel (North of Lizard Island to South of Townsville) we often come across lots of rubbish and debris washed out from our NQ rivers and estuaries systems or lost by reef visitors. Wherever possible we do our best to collect and dispose of this marine pollution responsibly.

When the weather prevents our crews getting out to the reef to undertake culling activities, we continue to contribute though activities such as beach clean-up days.  The INLOC COTS crew spent the afternoon cleaning up the popular tourist destination Fitzroy Island and Cairns Esplanade, recovering a large amount of marine pollution that would eventually have found its way into our waterways. 

Some of the regular items we find while out surveying our reefs are anchors and chain. These anchors are often found on top of corals and reef where they have caused major damage. This has led INLOC to request more public moorings to ensure anchor damage is limited wherever possible. As we visit so many of these reefs and drop and lift anchors many hundreds of times a year we are very careful to ensure we anchor on sand and limit our impact on visiting the reef.

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