INLOC International

The INLOC team can implement, lead or support the full Program spectrum, including planning, consultation, operations, logistics and training, all in remote areas or harsh environments throughout Papua New Guinea, the South Pacific or Southeast Asia.


INLOC consultants can assist in the planning, consultation, documentation and governance aspects, and our implementation teams conduct preparation and on-ground delivery to ensure you can maximize your chances of a successful and safe Program.


INLOC’s South Pacific operations are headquartered in Port Moresby, which includes our office, logistic hub and Registered Training Organisation.

South Fly District

Australia’s closest neighbours are in South Fly District of Papua New Guinea’s Western Province, only three kilometres from Australia. On behalf of the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre, INLOC is implementing a third program in support of local communities.

We started on the Building Resilience in Treaty Villages (BRTV) Program, concentrating on WaSH, governance, and skills development.  This included recruiting and training 110 male and female Rangers to be the front-line workers in community development.

When much of South Fly District faced the dual disasters of COVID 19 and flooding that destroyed food crops, INLOC implemented the expanded Disaster Support Program (DSP).

Now, as Australia looks to partner with PNG in building the long-term resilience of our near neighbours, INLOC is a partner in implementing the South Fly Resilience Program (SFRP).

INLOC has an expanded implementation force of 180 Rangers, and has been tasked to deliver on-ground projects that include:

  • Aquaculture, such as crab farming and fisheries development.

  • Horticulture, such as cocoa and vanilla nurseries; irrigation; and reforestation.

  • Livestock farming, such as deer and poultry.

  • Food sustainability, such as mobile canneries; refrigeration; and market development.

  • Small businesses, ranging from water catchment to solar power to timber milling.

Locations we have recently worked
  • Daru
  • Severimabu
  • Koabu
  • Madame
  • Sui
  • Parama
  • Katatai
  • Kadawa
  • Ture Ture
  • Old Mawatta
  • Koria
  • Mabaduan
  • Sigabaduru
  • Buzi
  • Mari
  • Jarai
  • Dorogori
  • Wuroi
  • Wonie
  • Wipim
  • Upiara
  • Giringarede
  • Ume
  • Masingara
  • Kunini
  • Iropi
  • Waidoro
  • Kulalai
  • Wamarung
  • Kabuli
  • Kurunti
  • Boze
  • Abam
  • Wereavere
  • Mibini
  • Garaita
  • Arufi
  • Sibidiri
  • Wondo
  • Indorodoro
  • Morehead

Kokoda Track

INLOC has supported the implementation of the Kokoda Ranger Capacity Development Program including training delivery and the development of an accredited training program to provide professional capability based on practical outcomes.

Locations we have recently worked
  • Isurava
  • Efogi
  • Menari
  • Ower’s Corner
  • Kokoda
  • Ioribaiwa
  • Brigade Hill
  • Kagi
  • Myola


INLOC has supported the conduct of the Province-wide health master plan through the provision of on-ground operational support. This project took INLOC staff from the largest towns to the mountains, the isolated coastal villages, and even the remote atolls.


In another project, INLOC provided on-ground consultation, security and logistic services for fact-finding deployments to the Arawa-Panguna areas.

Locations we have recently worked
  • Arawa
  • Buka
  • Buin
  • Kieta
  • Panguna
  • Nissan
  • Lemankoa
  • Hanahan
  • Aku
  • Boku
  • Kopikiri
  • Kunua

Nuku District

INLOC has supported DFAT-sponsored Programs in the Nuku District through the provision of advisors for a short duration South Fly Ranger exchange to transfer well and tank building technologies to local program participants.

Eastern Highlands

INLOC has supported the conduct of the Province-wide health master plan development through the provision of on-ground operational support. This project took INLOC staff throughout the Eastern Highlands, from Goroka to extremely remote villages.

Locations we have recently worked

The INLOC approach

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