Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) Rangers graduate with formal qualification:

Kokoda Track is renowned as one of the world’s most spectacular and challenging trekking environments.  It also holds major significance to Australians and Papua New Guineans as it was along this trail that some of the bloodiest battles against the invading Japanese Army in World War II took place.

18 KTA Rangers, including 4 female Rangers, who work at different locations along the track, have recently graduated from the inaugural Basic Ranger Course funded by the Kokoda Initiative Partnership under the Australia-PNG Subnational Program. The Rangers have been awarded a Certificate I in Conservation and Ecosystem Management (CEM) as a result of training conducted during 2021 and 2022 by INLOC.

12 KTA Rangers have also been selected to attend the Advanced Ranger Course which will commence in October 2022 and run until June 2023.  This course will be aimed at qualifying Rangers in an INLOC-delivered Certificate II in CEM. 

KTA Rangers Julie, Stella, Tracy and Nido proudly display their Certificate I in CEM with INLOC Instructors Barbra and Jenny


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