Community Engagement

The aims and aspirations, even the culture and language, of local communities are often at odds with organisations who want to do business with or near them. An inability to establish a cooperative relationship between all parties can cause delays, raise costs and even create security and safety issues.

Positive community engagement can improve commercial production, personnel safety, and infrastructure security.

INLOC has the experience and multi-discipline expertise to serve commercial, government and non-profit sectors involved in a wide spectrum of enterprises.

We specialise in engaging with remote, isolated, and potentially uncooperative local communities, to establish strong and constructive relationships, using customised, culturally-aware techniques. We can deliver effective through-project community engagement, including:

  • culturally-appropriate rapport establishment and confidence building
  • stakeholder and issue identification and scoping
  • detailed evaluation and strategy customisation, implementation and adjustment
  • monitoring and mentoring

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