Remote Operations Support

The INLOC team can conduct, assist or lead small group operations in remote areas or harsh environments throughout Australia, New Guinea, the South Pacific or South East Asia. INLOC consultants can advise and assist you with the planning, preparation and implementation to ensure you can maximise your chances of a successful and safe deployment.

INLOC’s expertise in remote area operations support covers the full range of:

  • location-specific security assessment and risk reduction strategies;
  • activity risk analysis;
  • expedition management;
  • skills training;
  • mobility (using water craft, 4WD vehicles, ATV or motorcycles, or manpacking);
  • advanced navigation and communications;
  • advanced first aid and casualty evacuation;
  • remote logistics and expedition sustainment;
  • emergency and contingency planning;
  • extreme situation response actions and survival.

INLOC not only serve as a consultancy for remote area operations; we can deploy with you or even on your behalf to fulfil your designated outcomes.

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