Security Awareness

INLOC has expert instructors and operators in the security awareness field, all with SAS experience.

INLOC Security Awareness services encompass:

  • personal security awareness training for clients before they venture into remote or foreign environments (either short or long courses depending on duration of travel and complexity of the environment);
  • trip planning, to improve the safety and security of the travel plan and avoid potential security risks before they can develop;
  • provision of a consultant to travel with you to provide ongoing support, including community engagement, 4WD or boat driving, liaison with local authorities, and emergency response.

Recent clients have included Reef and Rainforest Research Centre in Bougainville and Torres Strait, Cairns Chamber of Commerce in Port Moresby and Lae, and Peddlethorp Architects in Central Highlands and Bougainville, PNG.

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