Ranger Groups

Australian Rangers

INLOC has built strong relationships with many ranger groups, and has even been selected as the sole training provider for some. INLOC has recently conducted training delivery or consultancy for ranger groups or affiliated organisations in Australia including:

  • NPA–Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers
  • Western Cape College, Weipa
  • Gregory Downs Land Sea Rangers
  • Normanton Land and Sea Rangers
  • Reef and Rainforest Research Centre
  • Burketown Land and Sea Rangers
  • Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation
  • Chaulungga Rangers
  • Aurukun Land and Sea Rangers
  • Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Rangers
  • Laura Rangers

PNG Rangers

INLOC was selected by the world-renowned Reef and Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC) to establish and develop Community Ranger groups in villages along the Torres Strait coast of Western Province PNG as part of the AusAID-sponsored Building Resilient Treaty Villages Project (BRTV). INLOC partners with the RRRC on this wide ranging pilot project which will establish an operational platform for Community Rangers in their home villages and surrounding areas. Ranger groups have now been established in Sui, Parama, Mabaduan, Sigabaduru, Buzi-Berr, Bula, Jarai, Mari, Tais, Old Mawatta, Ture Ture, Kadawa and Katatai villages.

International Ranger Projects

INLOC is now in discussions with sponsor organisations in other locations where communities are keen to implement their own tailored version of the Ranger model. More information will be released on these projects as the situation develops.

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