Conservation and Land Management

INLOC offers a wide variety of CALM units at Certificate I, II, III or IV level. We have the ability to cater for both frequently-requested subjects as well as niche requirements.

Training often requested includes that related to:

  • working on country;
  • all aspects of working with plants and seeds;
  • remote area operations (including planning, safety and emergency actions);
  • small vessels (small craft handling, maintenance, marine navigation, Marine Radio Certificate of Proficiency);
  • 4WD (safety and handling, preparation and loading, recovery, maintenance, navigation);
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV, including quadbikes and side-by-side);
  • first aid (basic, advanced and remote area);
  • fencing;
  • navigation (GPS, remote and trackless areas);
  • pesticides (chemicalpreparation and application, supervision);
  • environmental monitoring and reporting;
  • control of feral animals and plants;
  • conduct of vertebrate pest control, including trapping or aerial shooting;
  • risk analysis;
  • Workplace Health and Safety;
  • leadership and working as a team member; and
  • working within an indigenous community or organisation.

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