Government & Industry

The commercial, government and non-profit sectors all have personnel who are required to visit or work in remote or isolated environments. Training to operate in these remote areas is essential for these personnel, to ensure worker safety, business continuity and to reduce costs.

INLOC prepares personnel to operate safely and effectively without the normal support or safety structures available in more accessible or populated locations. Training is customised to suit the exact requirements of a particular workforce, and is usually conducted in-location, under job-standard operating conditions.

If required to suit WH&S, insurance or legislative reasons, remote area training can be designed to achieve formal qualifications (such as Unit of Competency AHCWRK203A ‘Operate in Isolated and Remote Situations’).

INLOC instructors have delivered elements of remote ops training to personnel from a range of organisations, including Rio Tinto, MMG, AQIS, Department of Defence, Queensland Police, Australian Customs Service, Queensland Wild River Rangers, RRRC and Vanuatu Police Force.

Training and services frequently provided to government, commercial, industry or research bodies include:

  • Remote area operations (including planning, safety and emergency actions);
  • Small vessels (small craft handling, maintenance, marine navigation, Marine Radio Certificate of Proficiency);
  • 4WD (safety and handling, preparation and loading, recovery, maintenance, navigation);
  • Defensive driving;
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV, including quadbikes and side-by-side);
  • first aid (basic, advanced and remote area);
  • navigation (GPS, remote and trackless areas);
  • animal trapping for research purposes;
  • standing risk management plans for field work;
  • Workplace Health and Safety;
  • leadership and working as a team member; and
  • working with an indigenous community or organisation.

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