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A particular specialty for INLOC is Rangers.  The term Rangers can mean different things in different locations, but is founded on the principle of giving individuals or groups, selected from First Nations communities, the capabilities to support their peoples’ own aspirations for developing and caring for their own country.  For example

  • In Australia, it is Indigenous Rangers working to develop and conserve their traditional Land and Sea Country;
  • In some overseas locations, such as our South Fly Resilience Program, Rangers are communities members who have received training and mentoring in specific skills to develop their communities
  • In other international sites, such as our Kokoda Rangers Capacity Development Program it means the personnel selected to manage particular environmental or cultural areas of great importance.

As well as certified or non-certified training outcomes, INLOC can provide many other Ranger services as you can see below.

Australian Land and Sea Rangers

INLOC has built strong relationships with many ranger groups and is often selected as the sole training provider, providing a ‘one stop shop’ for training development, planning and delivery. INLOC’s Ranger services include:

  • Mentoring senior rangers or junior ranger coordinators
  • Ranger workforce training-plan development
  • Pre-auditing of training, workplan or project implementation
  • Development of ranger group Standing Risk Management Profiles
  • Sourcing and delivering key ranger stores, particularly prior to boat, vehicle or safety audits and inspections.

Community Development Rangers

INLOC have extensive experience in implementing broad community development programs where critical skills are embedded in communities ‘human resources’, empowering those communities in key areas such as governance, leadership, economic development, health and well-being, gender equity, food and water security, disaster response, climate adaptation. INLOC do not stop at behavioural change and process structures: we stay and work in the communities for the long term to achieve practical on-ground solutions with tangible outcomes.


We can implement and support all Program aspects, including consultation, general and specialist recruitment, operations, training, logistics, MEL.

Rangers for Conservation and Protected Areas

INLOC have developed a South Pacific Ranger Course, for Rangers working in conservation and protected areas or eco-tourism programs, which can be contextualised to suit the specific requirements of sites or areas throughout the South Pacific. An example of this approach is the Kokoda Ranger Capacity Development Program, where Phase I has already been completed and Phase 2 has commenced.