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INLOC Training

INLOC focuses on training in environments where First Nations peoples have lived, thrived and worked for thousands of years.  We deliver training to three key groups:

  • First Nations peoples in Australia, the Pacific or South East Asia.  This includes Rangers, conservation and ecosystem managers, agricultural enterprises.  
  • The organisations (government departments, aid organisations, commercial entities) who wish to engage economically, socially or culturally with these First Nations peoples.
  • Bodies who want to be able to work in similar situations to us, whether it be remote, isolated or metropolitan; harsh or hazardous; desert to jungle to sea country; a short deployment or a long term established presence.

Our training is a fusion of our ability to engage, instruct and work with First Nations community members, together with our knowledge and expertise in the specific operational requirements. INLOC can deliver culturally-sensitive training for female community members and youth ranger programs. We specialize in providing training to students with low Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) proficiency.


Training can be designed to focus on the responsibilities required of individuals or groups, and can range from specific units of instruction to entire Programs. We can contextualise it to suit the clients aims and desired outcomes. Training can be certified or non-certified.  The level and complexity of training can range from hands on units aimed at individuals at on-ground entry level, up to supervisor and management level including leadership and project planning.

Please contact us to discuss what type of training can be tailored to suit your requirements.

INLOC Training is the trading name for the INLOC-owned BLP RTO 5795