Welcome to INLOC

The INLOC Group works across Northern Australia, PNG and the South Pacific. INLOC’s key focus areas are: Training; Rangers; Operational Support; and Aid and Development.

The INLOC Team

INLOC’s core strength is its highly trained and capable workforce of operators and instructors. Our diverse capabilities, extensive experience, consistent high professional standards and focussed approach to working with communities and the organisations that interact with them, enable INLOC to serve in multiple roles throughout the region.

The INLOC Approach:

  • Our personnel are highly professional, knowledgeable and experienced, and set the benchmark in our areas of expertise.
  • We work anywhere, and are expert in remote, isolated, harsh and hazardous environments. INLOC excels in the capacity to overcome challenging environments.
  • We deliver practical, on-ground solutions to produce tangible results.
  • We customise our approach to suit the particular people, environment or context required.
  • We are in for the long haul, and develop enduring relationships based on our ability to deliver.

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